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Suite 101, 1220 West Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware  U.S.A. 19901
Tel: 1-302-123-7777
We are a team of passionate computer networking specialists and we offer our services to small businesses
which don't have the resources to build, fix and maintain their computer networks.

As you probably know, behind each business computer that always works as expected is a team of
experienced network administrators.

And this is exactly what we are doing - keeping your business' computers and networks in working order!

Here are our top requested services:

- Computer and network devices installation;
- Computer systems maintenance;
- Network design;
- Network upgrades;
- Hardware and software diagnosis and fixes;
- Network performance improvements.

Contact Us to see how we can help. We promise it's going to be a smooth, pleasant experience!
Our Services
My name is Tim and I am the founder of the Radio Transmission
Technologies Consulting Alliance.

We are a group of highly skilled, independent consultants who help
people fix their Wi-Fi related problems.

Check out the "Services" page to learn more about us.